Springs are a vital component of your Garage Door. Without the correct springs or without springs that are functioning properly, your door will not opperate as it should and most likely will not open at all. 

TORSION SPRINGS, are the most common. Your door may have one spring or a set. The springs are mounted above the door on a torsion tube and can be clearly seen. If either spring or both has seperated and is in two pieces then the spring must be replaced. Operating the door with a broken spring will cause damage to the door and and cause bodily injury. If a spring is broken do not operate the door.

TORSION SPRINGS are very dangerous and when wound are under heavy tension. Do not attempt to wind or unwind these springs unless you are qualified or serious injury could occur.

TORSION SPRING SIZES vary and are designed to give balance to your door. The size and style of the door determines its weight. Each door requires a specific spring or spring set. Incorrect springs installed on your door may allow it to function but unecessary stress can cause damage to your door and opener.

The cost to replace a broken spring varies. If there are two springs on your door and one is broken it is a good idea to replace both. the life span of a torsion spring is about ten years depending on the amount of use the door receives. 

REPAIR COST  usually ranges from $ 99.00 dollars up to $ 249.00 and the average is about  $200.00